Customer Comments

“Best catfish I’ve had since 1985,” said a man, commenting on our Facebook page.

“It’s been a really long time since I’ve had good barbecue,” said a woman wearing a blue shirt. “Thank you!”

After his initial disappointment, a man commented, “No wonder all your specials are sold out. This food is delicious!”

“I love your vegetarian food–the best in Franklin County,” said a woman, eating with her family.

“This was amazing. I’ve never had BBQ like this, and I’m from the South,” said a woman wearing glasses.

“Our friends are foodies, and they said your ribs are just great,” said a couple who ordered, you guessed it, ribs.

“This is the place,” said a woman to her friend. “Yup, everybody’s talking about it,” he replied.

“I’ve been away for two months but I’ve been dreaming about this BBQ,” said a guy, who brought some friends.

“You are the place of my dreams,” said a woman, who ordered the half chicken platter.

“It smells amazing in here! I smelled it from outside and just had to come in,” said a guy on a motorcycle.

“I’ll bring home this black bean salad and be a local hero,” said a man with a beard.

“Where’s Sadie?” says everyone.

“We were here a month ago and couldn’t stop talking about it,” said a couple of guys who ordered pulled pork.

“You need to change your sign–it should say ‘Best Burger in New England’,” said a man who ordered the BBQ burger.

“This is the best BBQ I’ve had in the North or the South!” said an enthusiastic fellow.

“We were just driving by, saw a BBQ sign and decided to stop. We’re so glad we did!” said a woman with long hair.

A lady in a hat said, “You have the prettiest BBQ ever. Your presentation is so great…you should be on TV!”

“This could have come straight from Duke’s in Walterboro, South Carolina,” said a woman from there.

“This burger is just a good as the one my dad makes. And he cooks for me,” said a young boy.

When asked how the ribs tasted, a woman said, “Oh…my…God” (in a good way).

“Your food is outstanding” said a guy in a ball cap.

“Perfection, my friend,” said a man eating a BBQ burger.

“You’re doing great, buddy,” said a guy with a dog.

“We’re going to be coming here every day, man,” said a couple who was here yesterday, and the day before that. Then they said it again.

“I’ve been waiting all year to eat here,” said a lady.

“Good food…. good prices… Most ingredients locally sourced.. can’t beat it”

“The fish was perfectly seasoned, flaky, really good,” said a woman who needed a take-out container.

“I’m back again all the way from New York,” said a man, towing 12 kayaks behind his truck.

“The ribs were great–so tender and good. We’ll be back,” said a man holding his small child.

“This black bean salad is amazing. We’re trying to figure out why it’s so good,” said a couple enjoying the sun.

“I tried to come last year but missed you. It was worth the wait,” said a guy in a striped shirt.

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